Winter program from 23 December to 22 March 2020

ciaspole con cena
ANDALO h. 9 am / 12.30 am
Family10+ Snow Shoes in wild Mountain: through Canfedin ridge
Snow-shoes excursion in Paganella Mountain
Andalo h 2 pm/4.30 pm Excursion: all on the top of the Paganella Mountain kids 10+ ...
ciaspole in Paganella
ANDALO h. 10.00 am / 12.30 pm
family10+ Snow-shoe excursion in Paganella Mount
escursione con le ciaspole
ANDALO h. 4 pm / 7.30 pm
family8+ Snow-shoe excursion Sunset, in Paganella Mount, Dosson...
ciaspole alla Montanara
ANDALO h. 09.30 am / 04.00 pm
to the Montanara mountain refuge.
This is a pleasant...
scialpinismo la prima volta
ANDALO h. 14.00 am / 16.30 pm
Do you want to try a new experience such as hiking up a mountain with the ski? That...
Cross-country skiing taster
ANDALO h. 14 pm / 16 pm
family8+ Have a go at this aerobic winter sport in the tranquil...
Ciaspole al tramonto
ANDALO h. 05.30 pm / 07.00 pm
family7+ Walking through the forest at dusk, returning by torch...
corso sci fondo
ANDALO h. 2 pm / 4 pm
family 8+ Andalo sports center, cross country ski center ...